Smokey Quartz Crystal Enhanced Smudge Stick

Smokey Quartz Crystal
Enhanced Smudge Stick

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Smokey Quartz Crystal Enhanced Smudge Stick is strongly purifying and protective. This variety is suggested to those who have come in contact with toxic individuals and need added energy purification.

What is it?

It is a small cylindrical bundle made from a customized blend of medicinal herbs and a genuine raw crystal point. It is intended to be carefully burned in order to produce a small amount of cleansing white smoke. The fragrant and aromatic smoke is said to aid in the removal of negative energy from a person, space, or object.

How they are made:

Our smoke cleansing wands are made by first carefully selecting a therapeutic blend of healing herbs such as Rosemary, Juniper, Sweet Grass, and White Sage.

Each wand is hand-made with extreme care to protect the integrity and condition of the delicate dried herbs. Small sections are then trimmed and adjusted to form a small 4 - inch cylindrical wand. Lastly, a beautiful crystal point is gently placed front and center before securely being fastened by twine.

The crystal point is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the smoke cleansing ritual by further dispelling negative energy. Each Crystal has unique metaphysical properties that can help balance your emotional state while promoting an overall sense of positive well-being.


  1. Place your Crystal Enhanced Smudge Stick in a flameproof bowl and gently light the tip of the smudge stick until a small flame appears then softly blow it out. Be mindful that you do not have to use the entire stick at once. Simply light a small corner or area.
  2. Begin at the entrance of your home and walk clockwise around the entire perimeter. Be mindful to include areas like closets and bathrooms. Once you’ve come to a full circle, open windows and doors to release and dispel negative energy.
  3. Take time to set your intention and invite positive energy into your newly cleansed sacred living space.
  4. Make sure to leave your smudge stick in the fire-proof bowl until it is no longer smoking. You may also extinguish it by placing the tip in sand or salt. Do not use water as it will damage the herbs. 

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