Obsidian Crystal Eye Mask
Obsidian Crystal Eye Mask

Obsidian Crystal Eye Mask

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Obsidian - Formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava, this mesmerizing stone as dark as night is incredibly protective and excellent for shielding one from negative energies. Promotes truth and mental clarity. This stone is especially wonderful for those that are constantly surrounded by people and encounter negative individuals.


  1. Simply lay down or find a reclined position.
  2. Gently place it on top of the eye area.
  3. Enjoy for at least 15 minutes.


Use for at least 15 minutes or longer if desired. We encourage our customers to attach a mantra or positive affirmation to their chosen Crystal Eye Mask. Every time you use your Crystal Eye Mask repeat your affirmation. Hit pause on your daily life, relax, and enjoy.


Refrigerate 15 minutes prior to wearing for an extra refreshing experience. This will enhance anti-inflammatory benefits. This is especially amazing after a long day in front of your computer or whenever your eyes need a little extra love. If you experience migraines or tension headaches this step is an absolute must!

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